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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Free camping at Strandarkirkja.

It was a joy to see a "free camping" sign after the long ride from Grindavík, 13 kilometres of which were along an awful gravel road. I would not recommend that road to any cyclist with clipless pedals. We made it fine with pedals equipped with Powergrips, but still, it was near impossible to stay upright on the slippery gravel. The camping had toilets, sinks with hot and cold water, a drying rack to hang up clothes, and a sink outside for washing dishes. All that for free! If you wanted a hot shower, that cost 400 KR (about $3.20 Canadian). Fresh duck eggs from the farm next door were 50 KR each. The people running the free camping want to keep it free by not paying for any advertising. So here, I will advertise for them: Gata, Selvogi, 801 Selfoss, Tel: 4831818, 4831011. Email: gumorn@simnet.is

Camping gratuit à Strandarkirkja.