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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Bicycle friendly Denmark

Denmark is a country built around the bicycle. There is an extensive network of numbered bicycle routes throughout. David bought a cycling map in Copenhagen: Cykelkort Danmark 1:500.000. The 'y' in Danish is pronounced like 'ew' in 'few', so the word 'cykel' for bicycle sounds a bit like 'sookle'. We did a lot more "off roading" in Denmark than we had expected. Sometimes the bicycle path was a gravel road that was more difficult to traverse than the ones we saw in Iceland. Along the western coast of Denmark, for example, the bike paths running alongside the dunes had many sand traps. The forest path in the photo below, on the other hand, was a tranquil ride out of the sun and mostly downhill.

Forest bike path along what used to be a railway track.

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