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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Cutting short the European part of our trip

Benoit writes: We have decided to cut short the first part of our trip through Europe. Iceland gave us a warm welcome even though, at times, it was quite cold. Its cheap and empty campgrounds. Its vast spaces and lava fields coupled with nightless nights have left something surreal in our minds. Once in Denmark, we were faced with the realities of populated and expensive Europe. Not the adventure that offered Iceland. In addition, the ticking time on our Schengen visa forced our decision to fly to France and get ready for the second part of the trip.

I think that one mistake we made is to dream too much about this adventure. It has come to our attention that the cycling is actually the easiest part. We imagined taking time off to have all the time in the world to enjoy life and do what we want. Truth is, we are constanlty pressed for time. Our TO DO List is never empty and even updating this blog is proving difficult. This miscalculation has left people disappointed. Caught up in the "theoretical" aspects of the trip, we told many people that we would pass by and visit them and stay for a while. The reality is that we have to move on.


  1. Hi guys! Wow, in France already! Until now you have been heading toward something familiar, now you journey out into the unknown.

    Can't wait to see your new equipment. And the french countryside... But your a week late, the Tour just passed!


  2. Salut Michele et Benoit !
    Je suis votre periple de pres, c'est magnifique!
    PS. Michele: no news for the piano, sorry.

  3. Salut vous deux!
    Que de km parcourus depuis notre rencontre à Terre-Neuve!
    On voit que vous êtes à Lyon, tous près (où presque) de chez nous.
    Sachez que si vous comptiez passer par Lausanne, nous sommes hélas loin ces prochaines 3 semaines (nous sommes de retour le 8 août).
    Pour le reste on vous souhaite une bonne route!
    Giovanni et Stéphane

  4. Benoit & Michele,

    thanks for sending regular reminders to check out your blog....

    Enjoy the trip, be egoistic and don't think about people you may have promised to come as hard as it is (i know... i have this dillema every time i go home....) think only about yourselfs in this trip..

    i checked out the iceland fotos and they look awesome. thanks for keeping us updated.