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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Cycling with David in Denmark

Michèle says: From Iceland, we took the Smyril Line ferry. The journey lasted about three days. At least there was a small pool and sauna aboard. The ferry arrived in Hansholm Denmark where we were expecting our friend David to be waiting there for us. But when we rode off the boat, there was NO DAVID! It took us awhile to find internet to see if he had emailed us. The tourist office was closed (it was a Saturday). Someone told us that the nearest campground might have internet. That is where we read an email from David saying he was delayed by a day. I wish we hadn't taken the sweet Iceland prices of camping for granted. We were a bit shocked with the jump in price. About 30 euros per person. Ouch! We paid for a night at the campground, and had to dish out more money for a camping card (good for a year in all of Scandinavia) at the same time. The next morning, David arrived!

Benoit says: Happy to leave the expensive campground and head out with our friend David who is always ready to ask anyone for directions. A habit that we have adopted and that is essential for good traveling. Thanks David. Let's hook up soon in some far off country.

Ready to go after three boring days on the ferry.

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