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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Riding our bicycles in Haute Provence

Benoît writes: We cycled from Veynes to Volonne. A total of 70 km (see graph below). Just a quick note on the traffic we encountered. I was surprised to see that drivers are more aware then I had imagined. It is no longer the insane driving that you got in the seventies and eighties. I guess Sarkozy is good for something. People behind the wheel are used to driving in small, narrow roads and are used to cyclists.

We took our bicycles on a TER train (www.ter-sncf.com) to the town of Veyne. TER train cars with a bicycle logo on the side can take two bicycles and there is no extra charge. As you can see in the photo below, the bikes hang on these nifty hooks:

Michèle writes: Here is an elevation map that I made of the route we cycled from Veynes to Volonne. If anyone is interested, Volonne is 10 kilometres south of Sisteron, which was on the 2010 Tour de France circuit. I found a route from Veynes using the Via Michelin site (www.viamichelin.com) and selecting "cycle" to find secondary roads appropriate for bicycling. I used the veloroutes.org website to make the elevation map (measurements in metres). You can also see the full route by going to the link veloroutes.org/r/56833

It was a fabulous ride through the french countryside. Here is one of the views:

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  1. Wow. Love those bike racks on the train. So elegant! The countryside looks amazing too. I'm sure you were well-fueled with cheese and wine.

    Love and hugs from the McNaney-O'Connors

  2. Wow! Excellent pics, guys! I envy and admire you, it looks like you're having a great time! Especially with all that wine and cheese.

  3. Elles sont sympas les photos de vitrail ! egalement la soeur de Benoit a l'air cool !


  4. Thanks Jay. I see you've been pretty busy with the Fantasia festival. Good for you. Yes it's been a great time but not without its frustrations and uncertainties. We're finally on the right track now for the second part of the trip. We'll post something about that soon.

  5. My family name is Beaulne , thank-you for the pictures and stories.I thourouly enjoyed them.
    Anna C. Beaulne

  6. Hello Anna! We are always glad to know that someone enjoys our pictures and stories. Thanks for posting a comment.