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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Our last bit of cycling in Iceland

Benoit says: And our last descent. It was freezing all the way down. Flying down the 10% grade made it feel like it was -15. We were totally underdressed. I've never felt so cold. Not even in Montreal. The view was stunning. Winding road nestled between two misty mountains with water falls gushing from them. It took me hours to warm up.

Michele says: Getting to this point was the toughest bit of cycling that we did in Iceland. Not the wind, not the gravel, not the bugs, but an intense climb eight kilometres of which was on steep switchbacks. Oh, but we did have wind and it was in our face most of the time as we climbed higher and higher. When we reached the top, we were in the clouds. Literally. Surrounded by fog that reduced the visibility to a minimum. There was snow up there at the top of the mountain pass. It made me very nervous that cars wouldn't see us in the fog, even with our bright flashing lights and our reflective vests. I was happy when we descended out of the mist.

This is where we leave Iceland. We are taking the two-day ferry to Denmark tomorrow. Our friend David, a cyclist whom we met in Cuba, is meeting us in Hanstholm on Saturday.

View of Seyðisfjorður: our point of departure from Iceland.


  1. So nice to read about your travel, and yes we just love Iceland even though it is very windy and sometimes very cold, but so beautiful!
    Denmark next, and then Sweden?
    Hope to see you this summer!

    Eva & Lars

  2. Mæg ic be me sylfum I can make a true song
    soðgied wrecan, about me myself,
    siþas secgan, tell my travels,
    hu ic geswincdagum how I often endured
    earfoðhwile ... days of struggle ...

    From The Seafarer

  3. I would like to know how much weight Benoit lost from now on. Is he back yet to his lean 20 years old shape :) ?

    How is the food over there ?

    Take care of yourselves!!

  4. Benoit has lost weight! He has moved his belt buckle up 3 notches to the last notch.