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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

More photos from Iceland

We have posted some more photos from our trip of Iceland. If you want to see them all, you can find them here:

Iceland 2010 Photos


  1. i checked out all your photos, including your nfld and ns ones, and wowsers. the nfld photos made me nostalgic to be wrapped in the arms of that country side...my ancestors are spread out all over the places you traveled. i like how grizzled and wind swept, how much like you have been enfolded in the places you are traveling through. very grounding. makes me want to get out of the city into nature for a while.
    leigh from montreal

  2. Photos are amazing! We wish you good luck in Denmark... We'll continue to follow your trip.

  3. hello les cyclistes!!!
    j'espere que le vent d'islande vous a plus autant que moi, c'etait magique et que du bonheur de faire de belles rencontres!moi je pars bosser dans mon refuge je vous suivrais en septembre!
    prenez soin de vous bisous