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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Le Grand Départ

Greetings from Iceland. We are exhausted and we haven't even started pedalling. The last month has been difficult. Everything from trip planning to saying goodbye. We are now relaxing in a suprisingly cheap hotel. This is probably because it's not tourist season. The Hotel Keflavik. $55 USD for a guesthouse room but we got upgraded to a hotel room. And it includes breakfast. The plane ride over from Boston was ... comfortable I guess. But Icelandair is cheap. You have to pay for everything except for a 7 up and a glass of water. But everyone has an excuse with the economic crisis. We're now going to brainstorm the next few days of cycling since we have decided to travel in a random fashion. This is something that we've had a hard time explaining to people. Leaving awkward silences in conversations.The idea of this trip is to get away from scheduals and itinerary. With that in mind I'll sign off.

Bonjour d'Islande. Là ou le soleil ne se couche pas. Du moins ce temps-ci. Nous sommes crevés! Oui, déjà, et nous n'avons même pas commencé a pédaler. La planification et les au-revoir nous ont brassé l'esprit. Nous avons trouvé un petit hôtel pas cher à Keflavik. Quelques kilomètres de l'aéroport. Y a du boucan mais le petit déjeuner est inclus. Je recommande donc l'Hôtel Keflavik. $55 US pour une chambre (guesthouse). Noter que nous ne sommes pas dans la période touristique. Le vol a été pas mal standard. J'ai roupié comme Béru dans Fleur de Nave Vinaigrette (pour Jean) mais moins bien mangé. Y sont cheap, Icelandair! Un 7-Up et un verre d'eau. Le reste est hors de prix. Bon, faut pas oublier la crise économique. Nous planifions la prochaine étape. La décision de voyager de façon aléatoire a été difficile à expliquer. Beaucoup de gens ont des réactions étranges qui laissent des trous de silence dans les conversations. L'idée de ce voyage est de s'éloigner des itinéraires et des horaires. Bon, ça suffit pour aujourd'hui. A+


  1. Glad to hear you're safe and all is well. Keep them updates a'coming!

  2. Random touring, I like it. You guys are so awesome for doing this - I'm looking forward to the vicarious journey!

  3. Ye!!!
    Welcome to this side of the Atlantic!!
    Are you going to go check the volcano while you're in Iceland?
    Remember that you have a bed ready for you anytime you need in Oxford.
    We hope to see you on your way!

    Caroline and Gil

  4. We saw an internat "live cam" of the Eyjafjallajökull volcano (nothing happening right now!) when we were at the tourist office in Keflavik getting a good map of Iceland. I am not sure where to find that site again.

  5. Most people have trouble understanding randomness. A tip. Next time your interlocutor gives you a dumb look, eyes wide open (as a deer facing the headlights of a logging truck), explain that a two-dimensional random walk is recurrent. That is, you will eventually return to your point of departure. It is almost obvious that this implies that you are assured to reach your destination, wherever your destination happens to be. Moreover, since I plan to live as long as Methuselah, I am also assured to eventually enjoy your visit (independently of my address), provided you maintain your random itinerary and keep pedaling … and pedaling … and pedaling.

    Best wishes for your efforts at stochastics!

  6. Hey folks--it's the Ikea table (on the bike) guy from Verdun. Glad to see you up and pedalling. If you're interested in extreme sport cycling, you're welcome to risk the roads of the southern Ukraine and enjoy the hospital(ity) of a surreal coal-town named Garlovka--plenty of squeeze room in the soviet peasant cottage we inhabit here--somewhat near the Crimea (but that's it)...say, if the bikes break down in the Carpathians....
    Best of luck in any case--I admire the focussed lack of focus.

  7. Miguel! Regarding your comment on randomness... I vaguely remember you describing a random walk to me as dropping a cooked spaghetti noodle to the ground and the shape of the noodle is the path of the walk. I am very much looking forward to the spaghetti noodle directing us to your door, wherever you happen to be living.

  8. Good luck for your ride! We will read your blog and follow your adventures, that's for sure.